Performance Training & Programs offered

Orthopedic Sports Screen:
Our therapists work with athletes, performing screens that help identify ‘problem’ areas and offer suggestions on how to improve strength or flexibility to help prevent an injury.  This is not intended to replace a sports physical by your physician, but rather be in conjunction with the physical.  For example, we often find soccer players who may have had hamstring issues in years past and looking to avoid this for the season.  This is an opportunity to address ‘old’ injuries before they resurface.  Call our clinic for details.  We work with individuals or teams.

ACL Injury Prevention Training:
Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries are becoming more common and can be devastating to a season.  As more athletes begin competitive sport at younger ages, we are seeing this injury much more frequently.  To address this, our clinic has used current research and equipment to devise a neuromuscular training program to reduce the likelihood of this injury.  Studies are showing that odds of injury can be CUT IN HALF for athletes who have completed an intensive ACL program.  The goals of this are to improve jumping/landing technique, strength the hips/knees to help stabilize the joint, and learn drills that can help improve balance and stability on and off the field.

Typically these programs are run in a group format with at least 6-8 athletes and in a circuit style.

If you are interested in training, contact the clinic for details at 360-835-5349 on when the next session begins!