Therapy for Injury and Pain

Most of our patients are receiving physical therapy treatment for pain or conditions that did not require surgery.  Many people envision PT as something only the doctor orders after a back or joint surgery.  While we do work with people rehabilitating following surgery every day,  our therapists are experts in non-surgical solutions to painful conditions or injury.  Research is continuing to show that physical therapy is often more effective for common conditions such as back and neck pain compared to long-term medications or surgery.

No Referral Required

Washington is a ‘Direct Access’ state, meaning YOU choose when you go see your PT.  Just as you would decide when you may need a massage, dental appointment or chiropractic treatment,  Physical Therapy is no different.  Our Physical Therapists are licensed healthcare professionals with advanced degrees (doctorates and fellowships) specializing in neuro/musculoskeletal dysfunction.  If you have pain or an injury that involves muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, cartilage or nerves,  PT often can be effective as part of your overall recovery.  We work as a team with your physician, surgeon, coach, case manager, etc to help you heal.  You can contact us directly for treatment without having seen your doctor first, however our therapists do like to communicate with your doctor to let them know you are receiving care.

Privately Owned

Washougal Sport & Spine Physical Therapy is an independent and privately-owned practice.  We are not affiliated with any physician groups or hospitals.  Just as in any small business, our goal is to be sure our customer (the patient) is happy with his/her entire experience.  We realize you have a choice as to where you receive your PT and we want to earn your trust.  The ‘proof is in the pudding’ as they say.  Our 1:1 appointments with an expert PT each visit helps achieve results fast.  If you’ve had PT in the past, we invite you to come see the difference for yourself.