What does DIRECT ACCESS mean in terms of physical therapy?  In short, it means YOU can receive treatment immediately for physical therapy by contacting your physical therapist first (‘directly’).  I often use this analogy when explaining how physical therapy services fit in to the direct access laws:  […]

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True or False: “No pain, No gain.”

Maybe both… There is a significant difference between pain that is the result of muscle work and pain that is the result of injury. Hard exercise will cause the sensation of muscle burn and may not be entirely pleasant during and shortly after exercise, but will ultimately […]

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Joint Popping

Joint Popping Patients often wonder whether popping knuckles causes arthritis later in life. There is no evidence to show this to be true. However, repeated joint popping can lead to hyper-mobility which means the ligaments supporting the joint have become stretched out. Without the support of the […]

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Heat vs. Cold

Heat vs. Cold What are heat and cold used for? Heat Therapy -Decrease joint stiffness -Relieve muscle spasm -Provide pain relief -Increase blood flow -Increase extensibility of connective tissue Cold Therapy: -Decreases muscle spasm -Decreases pain and nerve conduction velocity -Relieves swelling and edema through vasoconstriction -Prevents […]

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